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[IP] REACTIONS TO TAPE/Soft-sets falling out

Back when I was in high school I had a terrible time with tapes, allergies 
and sets falling out.  By process of elimination, I have got a system that 
works very well for keeping my tubing in and for avoiding the allergy to the 
tape in the soft-set package.  

Minimed suggested a tape called Hypafix which is like a cotton bandaid and 
comes in a long roll.  It is about 2.5 inches wide.  I cut a piece slightly 
longer than the set tape then cut my own hole in the tape.  I put the tape 
from the set on the Hypafix (because it doesn't have anything to keep it from 
stretching and pulling off the set).  After insertion, I put the double 
Hypafix/set tape on to hold my sets in.  I have NEVER in the past 15 years 
had a single one of my sets fall out using this method.  I also NEVER have 
had any reaction to this tape.  

And the absolute best thing about Hypafix is that it is INCREDIBLY CHEAP.  I 
believe a roll that lasts me about a year costs something like $10.
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