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[IP] seizure


what may have happened is that your meal of high fat/pretien mexican food 
slowed down the absorbtion of the carbs....That is pretty much the basic 
thing fats do...if you eat a piece of fruit you can expect the sugar peak in 
about 1/2 an hour.  If you add some graham crackers and milk to that, the 
sugar peak is not so quick or suddem...this is why they always had us have 
snacks of fruit and graham crackers mid morning and before bed to smooth out 
any odd peaking insulin...

so your insulin started to peak and all those carbs were still waiting to be 
broken down...

gawd 106 grams of carb?  that is over 400 calories ALONE in carb...That would 
be almost 8 units of insulin for me...I don't think i have ever taken that 
much insulin for a meal other than thanksgiving!!!  i am scared to ask how 
much fat....

so I suggest you experiement with it again, but THIS time...spread the dinner 
bolus out over say, an hour....ie the length of the meal...then when you go 
for the Cinnabon, rather than spreading the whol dose over 1/2 an hour, 
spread it over 2 hours...you still have dinner insulin trying to work and all 
that steak and fatty beans is slowing down the carbs from getting in your 

> does anyone have any idea what is going on here?  

too much insulin given too soon/quickly with a meal higher in fat and protein 
than average

bet you have a rough night ahead....be conservative with any boluses...

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