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Re: [IP] Food for thought

Curtis,  I just HAVE to add to this.  As a parent, to hear some stranger, 
basically, in our case the school principal, tell me what is best for MY 
child is SOOOOOOO frustrating and can definately cause this momma bear to get 
her hackles up in a hurry.  These guys think of themelves as an authority 
figure, in charge of all of the kids during the day.  And that is how society 
has looked upon them for so long.  It is in these times that the parents are 
taking back the control that the problems seem to exist.  But we MUST do it.  
I love it now when I go to the school and 'they' see me coming.  They just 
know that I am NOT a parent to reckon with where my son's health is concerned.

  But in addition to this...I leave the educating of my son to them, and he 
knows he has to follow THEIR rules because it is THEIR school.  But NOT HIS 
HEALTH.....  I'M in control!!!

mom to Joshua
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