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okay guys, i dont know what is going on and i really need some help here!  
the other night i had a seizure from a bad low and it just happened again.  
here is all my day consisted of:
before i ate at 5:00 i was 113.  i went to the mall and went to this mexican 
restaurant where i had about
3 pieces of arricharria (strip steak cut very thin)
3 corn tortillas  (9CHO each)
1/2 C beans  (played it safe at 15)
1 C rice   (books said 90!  i used 45CHO, thank God)

after that i had.....yes you got it... a Cinnabon!!  this time i bolused for 
106 carbs insted of 114 like i did last time cuz i ran "kind of" low.  i did 
it over 1/2 hour as i did the above.  i ate them about 1/2 hours' time from 
each other...

about half an hour after i finished the cinnabon i was at home and tested and 
i was 41 and still had at least 10 units of H working in me!!  to say the 
least i was terrified because it hadnt even been an hour!  now maybe i just 
dont digest Cinnabons (wouldnt that be great!?!) because i literally have 
"noxplanation 4this"  (he-he)
i ate 10 tabs cause i was freaking out and tested 15 minutes later and was 
31!  i panicked and gave half vial of glucagon and got deathly deathly sick 
does anyone have any idea what is going on here?  this is very scary as i was 
falling in and out of consciousness.... thank God i had my 'ex' on the phone 
to keep me awake as best he could!  maybe he shouldn't be my ex anymore....LOL
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