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[IP] Looking for Info about people's allergic reactions to infusion sets.....

I have been pumping since 12/00.  I started out w/ the sof-sets, but changed
to quick-sets in March.  Well, after using the new sets for over a month,
I've had 3 site infections in the last couple of weeks.  These were my first
three.  Never happened w/ the sof-sets.  I called my MM and they told me
that the quick-sets were indeed made of different material, and that I could
be allergic to it.  They also told me to switch set boxes, that perhaps I
got a bad batch.  I'm just not sure about anything, plus I've got a million
questions.  Does it make sense that if I AM allergic, that the reactions
would start a MONTH after using the sets?  Also, I switched boxes, but the
other boxes still have the same lot # so wouldn't the rest be bad too?  The
past 2 site changes have been OK, but the one I removed today is pretty
Sorry for going on and on.  I really love the quick-sets, and do not
particularly want to go back to the sof-sets.  Plus, I think the fact that I
DON'T KNOW what's causing this is making it worse.  Anyways, I was just
wondering if others who have had allergic reactions developed symptoms right
away, or were they delayed??
Thanks a lot
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