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Re: [IP] Sites besides my stomach?

I'm due for a change tomorrow, and would
> like to try a different site.  I'm thinking about my thigh, but I'm not
> sure.


My first non-tummy site was in my thigh...& it was very successful.  I still
tend to use my stomach as my major area, but now I give it breaks by
switching off for a week every so often to thighs/legs or backside.  For the
leg, someone on the list told me to put the heel of my hand into the
leg-bend crease while sitting down, lay my hand flat, & use the area where
my fingertips reach to insert.  That works really well for me, & if I want
to use the side of my thigh, I just swing my heel (of my hand...I am NOT an
acrobatic contortionist!) around to the side - so thigh placement for my
sits a little higher than leg placement does.

The only difficulties I've encountered with this are when I don't get the
tape smoothly & securely down (I use Tenders, too) - because my clothing
rubbing is harder on my legs than my midsection, the sets get "roughed up"
faster, so I tend to change them a little sooner.  Also - if you use legs &
you are wearing jeans or long pants (last year through the summer it was
nearly always shorts or skirts, or sweats for cold camping nights, so no
problem!), be careful not to place them right on the line where pocket edges
tend to fall on the inside...sets put there get beat up both by the pocket
itself & by carrying things in your pocket, or putting things in or out - it
makes for a rough & sometimes short life for a set!  I generally get 5-6
days from a set, but I seem to change leg/thigh sites sooner, because their
life is just a bit more difficult!

Butt sites work, but are not my favorite because I can't reach the darned
things really well to disconnect.  I haven't had the nerve to try a breast
site yet - but one of these days...  <g>

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