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Re: [IP] thems fighting words

Everyone needs to take a deep breath!!!! AHHHHHHHH, isn't that better now? 
You know, we all get stressed some times and need to take a break. (Sometimes 
we yell and scream or we write letters and that is good...because you need to 
let it out or you will bottle it up and explode!! Just like my Auntie 
Belle...she stayed mad her whole life, never let it out and one day, she had 
gotten up to 400lbs of mad and she just exploded!! They couldn't even find 
her eyeballs she blew up into so many little pieces!! It was sad, at her 
funeral, we didn't even need a casket, we just used a ziploc)

     SO, just remember that STRESSED spelled backward is DESSERTS!!  So.... 
everyone, take a break and go eat some treats!!! (Now that we can cuz of 
these great little machinies!! God I love my pump!! Well, not really this one 
but pumping itself is awesome!!)

<With her mouth full of chocolate and sticky fingers on her keyboard and a 
BIG ol' grin on her face>

Elizabeth (the chocoholic)
PS anyone have a Snickers??  :o)~
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