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[IP] Our Quick Set experience--one problem...

Hi all:  First of all I have to tell you that I phoned for a sample of the
Quick-set here in Canada and recieved not only 4 sets to try but the Inserter
(no charge!)  all in less than one week.  The sets are all available for
ordering no problems there either, not sure why there would be a shortage?

Anyway, I tried the set on our son (he is 5) and what a dream!  I like how
small the inserter is, and user-friendly it is as well.  I could totally see
teaching my son to put in his own sets no problem, a push of the buttons.  The
tape is FANTASTIC!!  It is just like the SIL tape "used" to be...anyone else
back me up on this???  When we used our first few SIL samples, the tape was
awesome, stuck for 3 days with baths etc.  Now the SIL tape is terrible and
they still claim it is the same.  Anyway, the QS tape is great and stuck SOLID
for 3 days and looks brand new!  They didn't send me instructions so I had to
figure out how to disconnect, but relatively easy for a Mom, not sure how a
kid would do it...  As far as BG numbers, they were great too.  We get great
numbers on SILS too, so not a big deciding factor for us.

Now for the bad part.  I do not like that when you change a set it has to be
changed COMPLETELY (tubing and all) every three days.  With the SILS you can
change the cannula part and leave the tubing for at least another 3 days.
With the QSets you will need to prime the tubing every three days (as it is
attached to the cannula part) and I am enjoying only having the one step every
3rd day (am I making sense?)

So, all in all, my 2cents is that it is a nice and convenient new set, I
recommend it, but will stick with the SILS until they make a disconnect right
at the site...

Take care all!

(son 5, pumping almost 9 months!)
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