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[IP] looneys

Kyle wrote:
> I was slightley offended that you would give that ridiculous view and 
> sliht sterotype about 'looney diabetics'.  Some people really don't take 
> care of themselves, and it is by no means a giddy matter!  

I don't remember seeing my post addressed to any ONE person in particular.  
Why would you be offended unless you WERE one of them?  And if you ARE one of 
those "types" of diabetics (whether it be I,  II or Type weird) that sits 
around on your behind and watches Jerry Springer eating lays potato chips all 
day, then my PERSONAL opinion is that you ARE looney!  I don't believe there 
is anyone like that on this list.  Anyone with an interest in insulin pumps 
has already proven their superior intellect by lookig for the BEST care they 
can give themselves.  SURE, i sit around on my fat butt and eat potato chips 
some time, but I balance that with 6 days at the gym a week and a regularly 
healthy, relatively balanced diet, that almost never includes potato chips, 
or twinkies or zingers....

NO, not taking care of diabetes is NOT a giddy affair, and if I was writing 
to the entire world at large, rather than a select few thousand motivated, 
intelligent, educated about diabetes care people, then I probably owuld not 
have used te word looney....but as for the other 19,997,000 diabetics out 
there who MAY or MAY NOT eat twinkies and sit aorund all day...with utter 
disregard for their health, all i can say is I PITY them for not knowing any 
better, I PITY them for having such stupid doctors, I PITY them for not 
having parents who have the drive to find a better way for their children, I 
PITY them for KNOWING they have a disease and not taking it upon themselves 
to EDUCATE themselves!

nothing PERSONAL!

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