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Please dont let some dried out fireless boring person drive you away. i 
rather like your spunk!! You are as welcome here as anyone. Why do you think 
that she is more welcome than you. She may not like your opinion- but you 
know what they say those- there like ***holes everbodies got one!

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> > Curtis, Sammi, and others whose names I, sadly, don't recall, also wrote
> > well-thought-out, informative and educational letters. Unfortunately, 
> > of
> > us did not. That is the letter that may be best-remembered and may cause 
> > person to whom it is addressed to think of all of us in a negative 
> >
>ummmmm, everyone gets the idea that you think i'm an idiot and immature and
>whatever else you think i am as you have stressed this now in three 
>the letter i wrote to that principal DID NOT go out today because i was
>waiting to see what kind of response I GOT from it from everyone on the 
>  surprisingly, i realized that my anger was out of line at the time and
>waited to see any type of response i would get about it FOR THE EXACT 
>YOU MENTIONED ABOVE!  i have more respect for this list than to send that
>without first sending it to the list to see what kind of feedback i got and
>if i was out of line which obviously i was.  but again, no one knows WHY 
>letter hit me the way it did, although i'm sure all of us have horror 
>about discrimination in some form or another.
>i guess i'll be leaving this list, although i cherish this list with all my
>heart and soul.  if it weren't for this list, i don't know where i'd be, 
>i'd rather not be somewhere where i'm not welcome!  i will just browse the
>webpage and the like.
>i did not receive a single letter regarding my post other than these couple
>that went through the list, but those are enough to make me feel unwelcome
>here, especially from someone who has voiced her 'dislikes' of my style in
>the past by beating around the bush and belittling me on the list rather 
>sending me email privately.  either way, the point is taken.
>maybe i'm being emotional because of my ordeal in the ER last night and my
>sugars are still not back to normal and swinging all over the place.  maybe 
>lot of my anger came from that, but obviously and unfortunately people 
>always take those types of things into account.
>it's been fun...... thanks to everyone who always supported my views and
>emailed me privately with the kind words, etc.  i never had a problem with
>anyone but obviously have someone here who despises me for some reason that 
>do not know.  you've been here longer than i have, so enjoy your stay  :O)
>hope everyone will keep in touch with me, especially those of you i so 
>corresponded with :O)  i've always tried to do the best i could to help
>anyone i could as best i could :O)
>ps  jan h., i'm getting better at the ..... and the !!!!!  LOL
>take care and thanks for everything!
>gina, mr clicks (MM508) & mr pokey (FreeStyle meter)
>dx'd 11/83..... pumping 2/01 and have never felt better  :O)
>thanks to everyone who helped me get this far!!
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