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Re: [IP] PUH--LEASE!!!

I have had diabetis for a little over 20yrs. I am only 22. The outrage to 
all of this is the fact that he is being denied the right of self care. Why 
should this young man have to have a pump. I lived with diabetis just fine 
without a pump, until a few months ago. What if your employer refused you 
the right to keep your supplies with you. I am assuming this would piss you 
off. Not only is it tackey IT IS ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!! So I say HELL YES! 
Everyone needs to voice an opinion - to the school- to the board- to the 
state of Texas- to the ADA- and to whoever else will listen. If we wont 
stand up for ourselves who is going to do it? I dont think we can "look 
silly" in this situation. Nor do I think the people that have the courage to 
stand up and say something look like "cockamamie, trigger happy fools". And 
if they do- I am damn proud to be one of them.
Paula Davis
Auburn, Al
22 years young

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>listen folks, I am all for speaking one's mind, as long as one makes sure 
>is in gear before opening mouth or moving fingers.
>If we expect to HELP our cause, as well as Ryan's, we do not want to look
>like a bunch of cockamamie, trigger happy, fools!
>As one who is wont to REACT first and think second, I urge you all NOT to
>write nasty letters to this principal, or flood his school office with 
>calls.  There are proper ways to make things happen, and harassing the poor
>underpaid secretary who answers the phone at this school or pissing anyone
>off is NOT going to help Ryan, or YOUR child, or ME or YOU!!!  Sure WE are
>pissed...we are fighting for OUR rights as well as Ryan, but let's not look
>silly!  Why does this child NOT have a 504 in place?  Is there not someone
>who can help make this happen!?  Nita Herrington, aren't you in Spring or
>nearby...perhaps you and Jess can help!??!  Let's find a way to HELP this
>kid, not just make ourselves feel better
>Sara SP
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