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Re: [IP] Ryan vs. Klein Oak HS (my $0.02)

>"The above is not intended to prevent a student from having in his or her
>possession and taking analgesics, allergy tablet, or other similar
>non-prescription medication during the school day. The medication must be in
>its original container. It is strongly recommended that the student go to
>the clinic or nurse's office, since he consumption of pills in any form
>during the school day or on the school campus increases the likelihood of a
>student being mistakenly charged with a violation of the district's policy
>on drug abuse.

one way around this depends on the type of Insulin.  if it was anything 
other than Humalog then the above statement may apply since Humalog is the 
only insulin which needs a prescription all other insulins are over the 
counter medications.

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