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[IP] Ryan vs. Klein Oak HS (my $0.02)

In case anyone is wondering, here is the Klein Oak High School (that's where
Ryan goes) policy for administering medication (it's amazing what you can
learn on the Web):

"Klein school personnel are not permitted to give medication of any kind,
including analgesics, similar preparations, or any other drugs, unless the
parent requests in writing that there is a need for such medication and the
parent provides the medication. If the circumstances are questionable, the
school employee reserves the right to deny the parent's request. Students
will be scheduled to come to the clinic for medicines. Due to the large
number of medicine administrations each day, a request to administer
medication may result in lost instructional time each day."

"When administering prescription medicines, the school district would prefer
to have a written statement from a physician or dentist licensed to practice
in the United States. Information, however, placed on a prescription label,
if it is precise and clear to the school nurse, may be substituted for the
above-noted statement.

"The prescription must be filled by a pharmacist licensed to practice in the
United States. If prescription medicine is required, it must be in its
original container, kept in locked storage in the office of the school nurse
or of the principal's designee, and administered by the nursing staff or a
school employee. The school may accept a sufficient quantity of medicine for
one month. Upon receipt, the medicine will be inventoried and discrepancies
reported to parents. Only prescription medication needed for the student to
remain in school will be administered. No vitamins, health food, or herbal
preparations will be given by the school nurse. 

"The above is not intended to prevent a student from having in his or her
possession and taking analgesics, allergy tablet, or other similar
non-prescription medication during the school day. The medication must be in
its original container. It is strongly recommended that the student go to
the clinic or nurse's office, since he consumption of pills in any form
during the school day or on the school campus increases the likelihood of a
student being mistakenly charged with a violation of the district's policy
on drug abuse. 

"Medication with limited duration will be administered for the time
prescribed on the label, and any leftover medicine not picked up by the
parent will be destroyed after two weeks. "
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