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[IP] Help at school

After reading Gina's email, I feel compelled to share
a story of my own that happened at school.  I was a
senior and had been dx less than 2 years earlier.  I
have always been very open about it.  One day I was
getting books from my locker and realized that the
world was spinning a little.  I tested and I was low. 
I had a juice box in my locker, and I opened it an
started drinking it.  A teacher started to yell at me
for having an open container in the hall (which is
against the rules).  I explain the situation and
continued to drink the juice box.  She told me to
throw it away immediately without finishing it.  I
refused.  I finished it and then threw it at her
(while continuing to yell back and forth with her). 
By this time several friends and several people who
were friends/siblings with other students who had
diabetes had stopped to make sure I was okay.  I got
half dragged to the office by the teacher, I was
completely in tears (and still low) at this point.  In
the office she was yelling at me that I was going to
be suspended for insubordination and throwing an
object at the teacher (I would never throw anything at
a teacher if I wasn't low!).  There were about 10
students who stayed with me (willing to accept tardies
themselves to make sure I wasn't really hurt).  One
kid ran and got my coach to write a note that she
needed me "immediately" (which is the only way you can
get out of a lecture from another staff member, they
can't "undermine" each other).  So mid-threat, I got
to leave.  Nothing came of the threats (the principal
would have never gone along with it).  I spent half of
the next period crying/recovering with my coach (she
wrote passes for all of the kids that stayed with me).
  Several teachers (but they all said that I couldn't
say that they said it because that would be
undermining) and many students came up to me in the
next day or two appologizing for the actions of the
teacher who yelled at me and all said that they would
always make sure all of "us" were safe.  While it was
bad, I also learned some important lessons.  Why it is
so good to have others know about diabetes, and know
what to do.  (The person who went and got my coach to
resue me actually didn't really even know me, but one
of her friends has diabetes)  And that there are
people in the world that are just plain mean (the
teacher knew better, she just didn't like me and
enjoyed making my life difficult), and that there are
others that will be willing to have negative things
happen to them (tardies, which usually wind up in
detenions) to help me (from a possible much worse


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