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[IP] Being a fake DMer

Gina asked:
>>>>what i'mwondering is how many of you have done this with someone, had them
be diabetic for a day?  how did you determine who to consider highs and lows?

I set up a plan once for someone to volunteer to be a DMer for a month. A week
is probably stretching it (in a non-DMer's eyes), but a day seems to me to not
really be sufficient to generate understanding. Forget the pump since you do
not have a backup; what I did was ask them to use a ballpoint pen to fake an
injection but leave a mark on the arm or leg so it was actually *triggered*
for an injection w/o penetration of course. Just going through the motions
(actual BGs can be done, though) of the routine without deciphering lows/highs
should be enough to make an impact. Have them figure the carbs and calculate
the dosage, keep notes/logs, etc. The actual *feelings* of hypos/hypers will
not come about - can't be done. Let us know. (~_^)

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