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Re: [IP] Misinformation about Diabetes...

In a message dated 4/26/01 3:16:56 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Unfortunately 90 to 95% of diabetics are type two, and most of them it is
 probably weight related. I don't know what the statistics are on the % of
 over weight folks. >>

I'm going to key in a bit of something that was in the March issue of 
Diabetes Interview. Those of you who get the publication can skip this. It 
was by Joan Williams Hoover, and begins with a CCDP report that we get 
diabetes because we are "fat and lazy." Now for Hoover:

"It is more likely that there are two epidemics unfolding in the United 
States. According to the report, the obesity rate has increased to 20 percent 
since 1991. Currently, one in five Americans is obese. There are 272,639,608 
Americans, according to latest population figures. That would mean that one 
fifth of them, or 54,527,921 are obese.

"Meanwhile, the report also stated that in 1999 the incidence of diabetes 
increased to 6.9 percent of the population, or approximately 16 million 

"Simple subtraction will then show you that 38,527,921 are obese but do not 
have diabetes. In other words, less than three out of every 10 excessively 
fat people have diabetes. If obesity is causing diabetes, why are less than 
29 percent of obese people diabetic?"

She then subtracts type 1s who are not, by definition, obese. Then she 
subtracts the 20 percent of the remaining 15 million who are believed to be 
non-obese type 2s.

"Therefore," she continues," we have about 12 million obese Americans who 
have diabetes and 42,527,921, or 78 percent, of the obese Americans do not."

So. My contention is that you do not get diabetes from being "fat and lazy." 
You get "fat and lazy" because you have type 2 diabetes. Think about it: Your 
body is insulin-resistant, so your pancreas puts out more and more insulin. 
Insulin is the fat-storage hormone. You gain weight from that. Eventually, 
your pancreas cannot keep up. Your BGs begin to rise. Your body isn't getting 
the nutrients it needs because the cells are not being fed. You're hungry all 
the time. (You type 1s remember when you were eating like crazy and losing 
weight? Some of us gain.) Then, because your BGs are high, you get lethargic. 
You have trouble staying awake. You become a couch potato. You go to the 
doctor. You are DX'd with type 2 diabetes. And told it is because you are 
"fat and lazy."

Bull butter!

Jan and Elvis
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