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[IP] docs and their patients

There is often a lot of negative things said about some docs and our 
interaction with them and rarely do we speak of all the really 
wonderful physicians and health care professionals that help us. This 
post was made by one of those physicians to professional list to his 
colleagues and it is very caring and thoughtful.
email @ redacted
I find the recent postings about the frustrations of dealing with
adolsecents with diabetes to be unnerving.



Throughout the history of medicine, our patients have been our best
teachers.  In the age of molecular medicine, this is still true.  Of
course, we have a responsibility to not accept wholesale everything we
are told at face value, but we are wise to thoughtfully consider the
experiences our patients share (this is true even if it is shared in a
way which is outright offensive or hostile).  The defensiveness which
some of the postings suggest comes at our peril.  We would do well to
take care to not stop our ears to thoughtful suggestions from oue with
substatial experience, we can only gain.

It would appear that Ms. Groveman's perceptions of physicians are the
product of emotionaly intense experiences which may have spanned most
of her life.  What possible weight could a few e-mail remarks have
against such a base?

What can we gain by being defensive?  Is it not a gesture of respect
to come to a person with  thoughtful suggestions for how they might
improve their work?  There will always be differences of opinions, but
defensiveness is not the most useful approach to them.

There is a vast supply of frustation; no one need fear being left
short.  If we listen thoughtfully to one another and work together,
there is no danger of the problems vanishing and leaving us
unemployed.  However, we could perhaps improve a little the lives of
patient and physician both.
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