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Re: [IP] kids forgetting bolus

> In a message dated 4/25/01 4:45:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> email @ redacted writes:
>      > This is just my .02 cents worth, but at age 13, I foisted
>      most of the 
> > responsibility for pump management on my daughter. This was 
> > intentional on my part, I wanted her to assume control of her life 
> > and not be dependent on me or Mom. It worked pretty well, but was 
> > hard to do. 
> Sorry for being a little long winded... (LOL When am I not, right?!)
>      OK, as much as I 'love' Michael and what he has to say, I have
>      to 
> disagree
> with him on this one. 
>       I was 11 when I 'became' diabetic and my Mom left it up to me
>       when I 
> turned 13 also.  

I have to agree with 'you' on this. The tools you were given at age 
13 were very different than those available today. It is difficult 
for an adult much less a child to make it on MDI. A pump is much 
different. All I really asked Lily to do was count carbs and 
calculate unused insulin. She was able to do this admireably, but 
would have let us do it for her without pressure to change. Heck, she 
won't get up at the dinner table to get a fork, she expects me or mom 
to do it :-)  Take out the trash!!! you gotta be kiddin', it 
practically takes an act of congress. But..... she does take care of 
her day to day diabetes management and that has given her the freedom 
to visit friends overnight, travel to Hawaii on her own and more.... 

email @ redacted
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