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Re: [IP] kids forgetting bolus

In a message dated 4/25/01 4:45:43 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
     > This is just my .02 cents worth, but at age 13, I foisted most of the 
> responsibility for pump management on my daughter. This was 
> intentional on my part, I wanted her to assume control of her life 
> and not be dependent on me or Mom. It worked pretty well, but was 
> hard to do. 
Sorry for being a little long winded... (LOL When am I not, right?!)

     OK, as much as I 'love' Michael and what he has to say, I have to 
with him on this one. 
      I was 11 when I 'became' diabetic and my Mom left it up to me when I 
turned 13 also.  Of course, it took time to adjust and learn how to do things 
on my own, however, when I turned 16, I 'fell off the wagon' so to speak. 
     I don't believe parents should harp on their children but at the same 
time, they really need to watch closely over what their kids are doing.  I 
would tell my Mom, "Oops, I forgot to do a shot, I forgot to check my blood, 
etc"  I would also tell her, "Sure, I did everything I was supposed to" while 
lying through my teeth!!  Let's face it folks, diabetes is a major pain in 
the A$$!!!! No one likes having it and no one likes to have their child or 
loved one to have it!!! (And if they do, they need their brain checked!!)  
    Anyhow,  Everyone that I've known that is a diabetic (And no folks, this 
does NOT mean every diabetic, just the ones that I've known personally) has 
'fallen off the wagon' at some point in their lives.  It's sort of a state of 
denial. They don't want to have to continue checking their blood, doing 
shots, eating food all the time, even when they aren't hungry, etc.  You 
start to feel like a pincushion after a while.  I used
to think if someone were to pour a bunch of water in me, it would come 
out all over the place like a hose with holes in it!!!  So, sometimes when we 
our parents that we 'forgot' to do something such as checking our blood or 
whatnot, we really didn't 'forget', we just didn't want to do it!!!  Please 
don't think I'm 
saying that this is definitely what your son did, I'm saying it could be what 
he did.
This gets to be a little overwhelming for a child and even if they tell you 
they are
OK, they might just be telling you this because they don't want you to worry, 
are so much smarter than we give them credit for sometimes. They know we, as
their parents worry so much about them and when you add diabetes into the 
we become frantic at times. 
     My best advice I could give to any parent of a child with diabetes is... 
Don't harp on them, don't nag them, don't threaten them and tell them they 
are bad for not checking their sugars or eating something they shouldn't 
have, NO ONE is a 'good' diabetic.  We were not meant to have to do the 
things we do. We were meant to be born 'perfect' and not have to worry about 
giving ourselves shots, etc.  So, talk with your child, let them decide how 
much responsibility they can handle and go from there.  I'm now paying for 
what I did/didn't do when I was younger. (Gastroparesis, Retinopathy, 
Neuropathy, Nephropathy, etc.) But no matter how much someone told me when I 
was younger that this would be my life now, I'd not listen to them. We learn 
from our own mistakes, not someone else's.  Especially if the person telling 
me I'd have all sorts of problems later was someone who wasn't diabetic, I'd 
really not care what they had to say! I was Superman, I was invincible, 
nothing could happen to me!!! Believe me, all kids think that way.   Until it 
happens to them, they won't learn.  They hear all the time, "My aunt died 
from diabetes" or "My uncle had to have his leg chopped off because of 
diabetes" or "This lady I know lost her sight because of diabetes"  But no 
matter how much we hear that, it's NOT going to happen to us!
     Just think about how your child with diabetes feels. They are scared at 
times and hate the fact that this is happening to them. "What did I do to get 
this"? Is one of the
most common questions! We can't answer that. No one knows why, we just have 
to learn how to deal with it the best we can. So IF we forget at times to do 
things, we just need to get our sugar back to normal and start again. Don't 
get mad at your son, things like this happen. Don't take his pump away for 
not bolusing, it won't fix the problem. He will just end up 'forgetting' to 
check his blood or do his shot or how to eat the way you have to when you're 
on shots. Things will get better, it just takes time. Hang in there!!
All my best, 
Elizabeth   >^..^<
dx 10-01-81 (Florida) type 1
Currently pumping with 'TinkerBell'
(my Dis Htron) awaiting the arrival
of 'Bruno' (my back ordered Dis Dtron)
Also with 'Freddy'(FreeStyle blood meter) and
Hopefully (still) getting 'Skippy' (MM508) 
Started pumping on my own 4-21-01 and am 
SO happy I did!!! My sugars are GREAT!!!
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