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RE: [IP] Cannula coming out of that active boy! Help again!


It is recommended to only use a site 48-72 hours anyhow. Wouldn't want to go
any more than that.  Have to think long term tissue damage.  Might end up
with scaring if repeatedly go beyond that.  I know others on the list only
change once or twice a week.  I personally can't afford to do that to my
stomach.  During the summer months I especially have to make sure I change
every other day.  Make sure when you try the soft sets again that you get
the shorter cannula the micros.  For me the sils are a very unpredictable
set. When I use them I get anywhere from 24 to 36 hours max.  YMMV situation
applies here.


We tried the MM Sof-Set when first going on the pump...never got more than
36 hours out of a site (abdomen and butt) ...often less due to crimping
either where the cannula meets the backing or at one or more places on the
cannula (hard to imagine as they're so short....) Our endo won't start
children on the pump using Sof-Sets anymore...says the results are too
unpredictable.  However, we may have to try them again.  Thanks for the

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