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RE: [IP] Adjusting

You didn't mention just how long you have been working out your blood
sugars, you mentioned April 2001. It can take up to 3 to 6 months to get
everything dialed in to specifically your body. You have to realize that
right now you are under going a completely different delivery method.
Because of the slow drip action the body absorbs insulin differently than
injections.  In the book Pumping Insulin, it has some very good explanations
about what you are going through, and how the pump is more efficient than
injections.  I know it is discouraging to go through such a difficult
process to get the pump and not have it work for you right off the bat.

Just hang in there. Once you get the insulin levels corrected for your
metabolism and life style, things will run more smoothly. Now with the pump,
there is never any guarantee that you won't have high blood sugars or lows.
That stuff still happens, just not nearly as frequently as with injections.
At least that's my experience. Good luck.

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