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Re: [IP] Why the School Letter Angered Me So..Personal Experience!

>oops, I mean I guess I don't
realize I'm doing it as much as I do...LOL
Is this better?
Thank You,<

A Lot better.  They can be so tiny minded that they would pick at anything
we wirte and say "Look! They can't spell and the punctuation's this or that,
Yada, yada, yada..."  and call us 'uneducated'.  Right.  Einstein was also a
'bad student' and daydreamed a lot in his classes.

My SO has an IQ of over 160 and he can't write worth a ----- .  I'm nobody's
genius and have to proofread,  proofread,  proofread everything!  Lest those
who have no argument would be throwing 'red herrings' (personal insults) at
my letters instead of addressing the real issue.

I do empathise,  as everytime I got butted into walls, or hit, or taunted by
the other students (for blindness-not DM),  I would fight back and I'M the
one who would get sent to the office! Sheesh!

I do hope this works out for Ryan.  I've heard it said "The law is an ass"
and seeing some of the actions by those in authority, I am inclined to

Jenny Sutherland
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