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[IP] Food for thought

Sammi wrote,

"I know also that reason does not always work, & sometimes an armored
is necessary (if I'm remembering correctly, Curtis & others here can attest
to that!) - but if you can get yourself to use that as a last resort rather
than as an initial approach, you may be surprised to find that the people
the "other side" of the conflict aren't so difficult to work with (as
opposed to "against") after all, & your results may be more positive & less
costly in the long run."

Yes, Sammi, I think you and I exchanged ideas on this.  I agree with your
recommendation.  But, would add that if they balk at all, waste no time.  I
would not call it a last resort but a second resort.  Give them ONE chance
to be partners with you, after that, hold no prisoners.

School administrators must be trained in the art of delay and false
interest.  They do it so well.  My experience is that they will put you off
as long as you let them under the guise of "working with you".  They have
proven to be small and petty control freaks.  I will certainly not waste
any more time working with my set.  Any future obstructions will be taken
to high levels very quickly.

Not all of them are bad, but it is probably a good first assumption.  Let
them prove it once and then finish them.  It is far too costly to lay awake
nights having imaginary confrontations with them.  Better you be the A. H.
than you let them be.

Curtis Lomax
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