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[IP] Ryan's Problem

Hello everyone I just received this and thought I would forward it to the 
list so that the school does not get any more mail than need be:


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Thanks to all of you who helped...just wanted to pass this along....
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 > Date: 4/26/01 9:44:42 AM
 > Subject: Fw: Texas Student's Mess Cleared Up
 > The following came down from national just now. Looks like Ryan came out
 > OK. I hope to hear from him after school. Thanks for all everyone did.
 > Kari
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 > Date: Thursday, April 26, 2001 8:23 AM
 > Subject: Texas Student's Mess Cleared Up
 > Kari ---
 > Ryan has met with the principal. Here's what came of the meeting:
 > Record expunged, Ryan doesn't have to take exams, and the school will
 > operate under the doctor's notes. They will also put a 504 in place
 > the final month of school. The family has gotten what they were seeking in
 > terms of a resolution.
 > Could you please forward this to your contacts? Thank them for their
 > efforts. Now that the issue has been resolved, we should leave the school
 > alone and focus on the bigger picture of ensuring this never happens again
 > by working out a strategy for this school district, specifically, and
 > schools, generally.
 > CB

--- Peter Reed

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