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Re: [IP] Why the School Letter Angered Me So..Personal Experience!

In a message dated 4/26/01 6:42:21 AM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 
>    Bravo to you for a) SURVIVING what could have been a lethal scenario and 
> b) for "risking" sharing this personal memory with the IPers after feeling 
> you'd been "attacked" for your emotional letter and c) for being mature 
> enough to "let it go" & stick around & realize that in even the best of 

thank you and thank you to everyone who sent me personal letters and 
responded on the list!  yes, it was difficult for me to write that letter to 
you and tell you what happened, but i did want you to understand where my 
initial burst of anger came from after reading the letter about Ryan.  my 
fingers just started going and believe me, although that letter was as stated 
"distasteful and full of obscenities and bad punctuation," trust me that had 
i spoke my real mine, it would have been WAY worse than it actually was!  i 
guess it's a good thing i never sent it.... but what it did do is allow those 
feelings i had suppressed for so long to surface and allowed me to talk about 
them with you, my family!
i'm glad i stayed...
much love to everyone,
gina & mr clicks (he says hi)   LOL
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