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Re: [IP] Why the School Letter Angered Me So..Personal Experience!

I agree with Jennifer.  This second letter appeals to the heart of the
matter more closely.  A similar thing happened to me but I was always
telling anyone that would listen about diabetes.  In the 7th grade my
science teacher (Mr. Lewis) had to carry me down the stairs to the nurses
office because I had hypoed on him in class. I was not prepared for it but
thank goodness I had told everyone about my diabeasties.  My classmates told
Mr. Lewis what was going on and he didn't hesitate to carry me all the way
to the office. (his poor back)   I think Ginas letter should be a reminder
to us all that we should NOT be ashamed that we have diabetes but to
educate anyone and everyone that will listen at any opportunity that may
present itself.  Share your knowledge because you never know when it may
help someone else.

Pump Hugggssssssss.......Dauna
(who hated science but did better in it after this incident)

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> From: email @ redacted
> <as for what happened to me in school....i don't usually talk about this,
> but
> i'll tell you.
> i was in grammar school and had only had diabetes for about two years,>
> ----------------------------Snip---------------------------------
> Capitalize the 'i's and SEND this puppy!! This personal account is SO much
> better than your first letter and should really get some attention!
> Your second letter to this list is a brilliant account of what Ryan could
> well have gone through and is top notch!
> You GO, Girl!
> Jenny Sutherland
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