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Re: [IP] Food for Thought (was:"discrimination" at school)

Natalie and others,

  What Natalie says about telling everyone is SOOOO true.  My Josh is the 
only DMer inhis school and the only pumper in his district.  And I have 
always, from day one, encouraged him to let everyone know about his diabetes. 
 And the reasons for that is exactly what Nat said...these other kids, his 
friends/buddies, are the ones who know him, know his personality, and will 
ultimately know or see/sense that something just isn't right with Josh.  This 
has already happened once on the playground at school.  Josh started feeling 
kind of dizzy and tired and just didn't think he could walk back to the 
building where the teacher/observer was sitting.  So he sat down in the yard. 
 His friends asked him what was wrong, he told them he was dizzy and one of 
them went and got the teacher.  They knew there was something wrong and that 
they HAD to go do something because they know he is diabetic and can get 
sick.  They have also seen it happen in the classroom on several occassions 
where he has to have a snack and sit quietly for a little while.

  So, even though he is already starting to show those little times of 
embarrassment about things, he also knows enough that people around him need 
to know!

  Again, I'm SOOOO proud of him!

mom to Joshua
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