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I have been pumping since Oct. 2000. I started out using the tape that is 
packaged with the SofSert QR, Smith & Nephew 3000. Everything seemed fine, 
for a time, but I had to switch to the SofSert Micro, and the tabs have a 
different "glue" on them. I was allergic, and began sandwiching the whole 
thing by using the large clear Smith & Nephew tape first. Then I inserted the 
infusion set and used the smaller rough tape on top. 

Well, I started to have major hives in the area where the tape was. I 
reversed the tapes, but that didn't work either. I purchased "transpore" from 
a surgical supply house, but it didn't stick too well. 

MM sent me a tape pack with samples of several tapes and Mastisol and Bard. 
Today I started with the Tegaderm tape first. Wish me luck. This is a process 
of elimination. I figure, I will try the Bard last. 

Has anyone used Bard and Mastisol at the same time?

My allergy is not to latex, but to chemicals that contain povidone iodine, 
formaldehyde, chlorohexedine. Sometimes these things have alternate names, so 
it is difficult to determine if they are in some things. Most shampoos, hair 
conditioners, and face and body creams contain formaldehyde in one form or 

Life is challenging sometimes.

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