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[IP] I gone on the pump!

To all my family here on the list....I hope I don't offend anyone by telling 
you what I have done...........

  I went on the pump this morning!  Josh has the backup pump so I dcided last 
night, after he really balked at getting anew site again last night, that I 
needed to go on the pump and see what it is like.  I had a bottle of Saline 
unopened (Gina, I guess now I'm glad I never sent it to you!) and I knew in 
my heart and my head that I NEEDED this and so did Joshua.

  When he saw me getting the stuff out for a site change this morning I 
thought he was goig to get really upset.  Until I told him he was going to 
put a site into me!!!!!!
So I loaded the cartridge, set a flat basal rate and clock, and had Josh do 
all the prep and the site insertion, taped it and did the 0.5 bolus ON 
ME!!!!!!!  I did not do anything escept the cartridge and priming the tubing 
(he needed to finish geting ready for school.

  I must tell you that even though there was a slight sting on isertion (and 
YES, my stomach got pretty tight and uptight in anticipation) I think that 
the finger pokes hurt SOOOOO much more.

  Yes,  I am checking BGs every time I know it 'needs' to be done and even 
have a little log book that we don't use to write everything down.

  I have enough saline for atleast two cartridges so I will be on the pump 
for atleast two weeks, maybe a little longer.  But Josh needed this, and so 
did I.  I think he was nervous when he had to do the insertion on me, but BOY 
was he very professional about the whole thing...............  I'm SOOOOOOO 

Hope this doesn't offend anyone.  I just knew I had to do this!  Thanks for 
all your support and understanding!

mom to Joshua
pumping saline 4/26
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