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[IP] Mom's reaction to pregnancy-digest V5 #89

<<<<<I finally got under the care of an excellent endo and supporting team.
They changed my life forever<<<

When I became pregnant with our daughter in 1989 it was a nightmare. The BIG
difference IS having endos and Dr.s who are willing to support you and help
you with the latest technology.
NO ONE ever mentioned the pump to me and I went through  seven Dr.s in the
nine months.
I had some really scary BG episodes VERY LOW. Having had 20/20 vision and
then needing six laser surgeries on my eyes during pregnancy, was quite the
change. I was constantly checked into the hospital , but used more as a
guinea pig with no real reason to be there, except for intern 'teaching" .
I had ALL my Dr's, except the last one two weeks before I delivered, tell me
to have an abortion....from day one.  They made me feel that there was no
way we would make it,but we had other feelings and our daughter is a bright
wonderful 12 year old.
The Dr.'s constant urging for me not to have our little girl rightly upset
my family members also.
Mothers especially worry because they are usually more involved if you are
diagnosed young, with your Diabetes.. at home, school. It is hard to watch
your child go through this disease and feel you cannot do all you want to.

After I had her, we were told that if I had another, I would be blind and
the baby probably not make it.  After much thought and prayer we decided I
would physically have no more children.
I will be frank and say that as I have read posts and met other Diabetics,
who have two to four children,I am saddened that I was not given that
chance...that no one told ME about the pump and what a difference it could
make in my pregnancy. It is too late now, but I frequently "ouch" with the
"what ifs".
If you ARE preganant or planning for it. Take the time to find someone who
will support and work with you. And realize that those who love you and
worry, only do so because of lack of info, more than likely. Diabetics CAN
have children


" To err is human---but when the eraser wears
out before the pencil does, you are overdoing it "

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