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[IP] New Quick Set

HiHi Everyone,
I have been gone for a couple of weeks and know that I have probably =
missed what everyone had to say about the new MM Quick Sets.  But I am =
going to ask anyway!  I was on the MM site this a.m. and noticed that =
they have made some changes so of course I had to see what was new and =
found the info about the Quick Sets.  I called and the MM rep said that =
she could send me two out but without the inserter which I thought was =
okay because I wanted to check them out anyway.
Well we were talking about when I could order new supplies and found out =
that I can order them now.  So I ordered two boxes of the new Quick Sets =
and would love to get all the info I can from everyone that has used =
them, good things and bad.
Feel free  to email me privately if you need to.
But I would LOVE to hear all good and bad things.  They look pretty cool =
to me though.
with pump buddy Erin
dx'd 3/85
pumping 4/20/99

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