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[IP] Overinsulinization/Attachment Concern - Denise

> My doctor suggested the insulin pump for me since my morning
> sugars are high. I have been waking in the 300's to 400's going to
> bed with 150's. He feels that I'm going low and not waking up. My
> A1C's run 4.6-5.2. I've been feeling very tired, no energy and
> exhausted. I want to feel better. I have had diabetes since I was 18.
> That makes 22 years. I'm nervous about the pump, but I do see
> advantages. I'm concerned about being attached to something for
> the rest of my life.


Your doc may be right...when I was on MDI, I had too much insulin in my
system - causing lows in the night that would rebound with high morning
numbers.  At that point, unaware of what was happening, I would "feed the
problem" (compounding it by giving my already over-insulinized system still
more insulin to bring down the high) instead of working on a solution,
because I didn't recognize what was happening.  I had read about the Dawn
Phenomenon & assumed that to be what was happening, so what did I do?
Increased my insulin at night!  (Talk about a vicious circle!)  Fortunately
my endo realized what was happening & worked to wean me down to a smaller
dose overall - & it was work, because I was WAY resistant to this idea -
made no sense to me at all!!  In the long run, it helped enormously to
decrease the insulin & prevent those rebounding lows, but it was tough
forcing myself to get there.

Pumping can do SO much to resolve this kind of a situation...whether your
nighttime fluctuations are similar to mine in cause, or an actual product of
DP, or some other variant - different basals can level that out
tremendously! To battle the wee bit of DP I do experience, my 3-7 am basal
is just .1 higher than the rest...& that has made all the difference in the

Also - on concern over being "attached" to something...my Disetronic
H-TRONplus is the most amazing & gratifying attachment I've ever had (okay,
maybe she & my husband would have to wrestle for that title!) - & far less
trouble or even "noticability" than my long hair or the jewelry I wear.  My
biggest problem is that I forget about it completely...which leads to a
little bit of "tubing stress" when I'm really active or changing clothes!

Best of Luck!
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