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Re: [IP] Misinformation about Diabetes...

Sherry Compton wrote:
> Well, the cheery, toothy anchor woman blurted out, "Oh, and isn't it true 
> that 85% of Diabetics are obese or overweight?" 

Well, as stated, it IS true. She didn't specify Type and the word
"Diabetic" DOES include both Type 1 and Type 2. Approximately 85% of
diabetics ARE Type 2, and most of them are overweight or obese. 

Again, I think the key is education -- as I mentioned in a previous
post, the vast majority of the public hasn't a CLUE about Type 1
diabetes -- causes, problems, exigencies of daily life. 

And the media isn't helping. And it could be that the anchorwoman didn't
know anything either. 

And that she wasn't a very good reporter -- she should have gone over
her questions with the child BEFORE filming the segment, so that she'd
know what she was planning to say. AND mom or someone knowledgeable
should have been there to fill in or correct potential errors. 

P'raps WE should be more careful to distinguish between Type 1 and Type
2 in our statements -- there are indeed some statements that apply to
ALL diabetics, but others that clearly don't. And if you're making that
kind of statement, you need to be careful that your listener understands
what you're trying to say. 
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