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Re: [IP] Why the School Letter Angered Me So..Personal Experience!


Took a lot of courage to write this!  Thanks for the openness.

Jim S.
email @ redacted

At 09:40 PM 04/25/2001 , you wrote:
>as for what happened to me in school....i don't usually talk about this, but
>i'll tell you.
>i was in grammar school and had only had diabetes for about two years, maybe
>even less.  i was allowed to keep an extra meter in my main classroom as well
>as my glucose tabs and all the teachers knew about it.
>one day we had a substitute teacher and i felt like i was going low.  i
>raised my hand because i felt like if i walked i would pass out.  the teacher
>came over and asked me what was wrong, and i told her i needed to use my
>machine.  those were my words.  it was really close to lunchtime.... anyway,
>she kept saying what machine are you talking about like i was crazy.  none of
>the kids in the classroom knew about what i had to do because i was ashamed
>of my diabetes so never educated anyone.  only my good friends knew, but
>unfortunately none of them were in my home class...
>anyway, i guess i started to get kind of hostile or however we get when we
>are low and i must have looked out of it.  she told me if i didn't stop
>disturbing the class that she was going to hold me after into the lunch
>period.  i started hyperventilating because i new i was in severe trouble
>with my sugar and dropping fast.  i don't know if i started crying or yelling
>at her or what since i was totally out of it, but i remember seeing all the
>kids walking out of the classroom and looking back... some were scared for me
>as i was a pretty popular kid in school, but then there were those boys who
>as kids thought this was funny.
>anyway, she left me in the room and told me to wait there, that she was going
>to get HER lunch.  i don't know if i told her i was diabetic before this or
>what, but from what i found out, she knew.  i'll get back to that.
>as she was gone, i guess i decided to try to escape out of there and try to
>get to my glucose tabs and machine but had no clue where i was or
>whatever..... i wandered into the hallway and somehow made it to the stairs
>where i guess i fell down and went down a whole flight of stairs.  at the
>same time, i started to seize and was having a seizure as i was going down
>about 25 stairs.  i don't know how long i lay at the bottom of the stairs,
>but i do know i busted my head open and was in a coma for 4 days! my mother
>was told i would have brain damage or some type of learning disability after
>this as my sugar was 21 when i was found.  at the age of 10, that's pretty
>i will NEVER EVER forget that feeling of being low and literally begging for
>my machine and tabs and having someone look at me like i was insane!
>needless to say, she lost her job and the school was sued for my medical
>bills.  twenty years later, i can still feel that feeling i had when i saw
>all the kids walking out and i clearly remember thinking to myself "i am
>going to die" and being soooooo very scared!
>this is why i had such a hostile and strong reaction to the situation with
>Ryan!  I'm sorry if I offended anyone!
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