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[IP] Misinformation about Diabetes...

Right after my indignation over the Ryan situation, I had another temper flare this morning
while watching my local news.  They have a short one to three minute segment most mornings
where they discuss an upcoming event.  Today's event was a walk-a-thon to raise money for
Diabetes this Saturday and the guest was a local high school ROTC officer who was helping
organize it. The anchor woman asked the teen what Diabetes is. The kid said it is a disease
in which people can't make insulin.  Pretty close, acceptable answer. Well, the cheery,
toothy anchor woman blurted out, "Oh, and isn't it true that 85% of Diabetics are obese or
overweight?"  The sleepy teenagers just kind of nodded, unsure while the anchor woman made a
kind of "isn't that gross/sad" noise.
Now I excuse the poor kid who had words stuck in her mouth, but the anchor woman was way out
of line.  Where exactly did she get such a fact-oid?  And she did present it as fact.  I
can't help but worry about the newly diagnosed who hear something like this and think they
just need to lose a few pounds and can stop their injections, or the kids who tell their
little friends, "You just have diabetes because you're fat!"  Things like that.
Makes me want to drive down to the studio and womp that woman!

Sherry C
>From the  massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Where WBKO is so bad, we watch Nashville's news to find out what's going on
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