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[IP] Food for Thought (was:"discrimination" at school)

> Finally, my plea was to remember that Mr. Hoff and his colleagues are
> probably good people, trying to do a good work.  It is far more likely
> they are misinformed than they are malicious, or stupid, or anything else.
> That's what I meant by not demonizing them.

Thank you for reminding us of this.  Something else to bear in mind, any
time you are facing a situation (your own or in defense of someone else's)
that involves someone in a position of authority (?) enforcing a rule...the
chances are VERY good that this person (unless he is the omnipotent ruler of
an absolute dictatorship) did not make the rules, in all likelihood may not
agree with all of them, & does not have the independent power to change
them.  Many in this kind of position do work to effect change as needed,
even though their attempts may require a grueling, frustrating, thankless
process & the wheels turn very slowly.  If you give them the benefit of the
doubt, by assuming they ARE reasonable, intelligent human beings who are not
purposefully harming anyone, & by seeking to enlist their aid by offering
them information on a friendly, matter-of-fact way, you are far more likely
to find them willing to listen & to then apply themselves to resolving the

I'm not trying to go off-topic here...I know we have a lot of parents out
there who may at some point come up against school policies that are not in
their child's best interest, & may have to enter the field of battle to work
toward change.  I think that this approach (realizing that the policy was
not DESIGNED to harm your child, enlisting the aid of those theoretically in
authority, & working to find out who actually CAN make the needed changes)
has the potential to create a much more positive result than charging in
with the proverbial flaming sword...although the former approach, I realize,
doesn't carry nearly the dramatic visual impact of the latter!  <g>

I know also that reason does not always work, & sometimes an armored attack
is necessary (if I'm remembering correctly, Curtis & others here can attest
to that!) - but if you can get yourself to use that as a last resort rather
than as an initial approach, you may be surprised to find that the people on
the "other side" of the conflict aren't so difficult to work with (as
opposed to "against") after all, & your results may be more positive & less
costly in the long run.

(one of those #(%JR$^&"}UI#!)@_ teachers who has to enforce policies she
doesn't exactly agree with, on a daily basis)
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