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[IP] "Type !" / Ryan Update? (WAS: What I sent this afternoon)

snip<Having Type ! Juvenile Diabetes is a tricky balance>snip


I'm recognizing the typo factor here, but I think you are onto
something...while "Which type are you?  Which type does ________ apply to?"
questions come up often, I think the bottom line is that we all, at some
point, experience it as "Type !"  I really LIKE that as a designator!!
(Permission to use the phrase, as needed?  <g>)

Snip<BTW, I would suggest anyone else sending letters, PLEASE proofread
outloud for
> punctuation and spelling. Educators, it would seem, should take more
> with it done properly. >snip

You are SO right here...when I reread my own letter as posted to the list, I
could have kicked myself for a few of the errors I should have caught before
sending it to the Klein Oak administrators!  When you want to be taken
seriously & have your points really looked into, make what you are saying as
clear & articulate as possible...(Note to self for future reference!)

To all -
Is anyone here in Ryan's local area, to keep us updated as to what happens
there?  And is his family on the ChildrenwithDiabetes list, or was it simply
reported there?  I've been thinking about them, & would like to know how
they are doing with all this & if there's a way to send them some support.

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