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Re: [IP] Why the School Letter Angered Me So..Personal Experience!

   Hmmmmm..maybe you should also send this letter to Ryan's school. Your 
emotional pain, terror, panic, etc. all came through loud & clear, even all 
these years later. Not only is this tale a chilling reminder of "what could 
be" on any given day for any given diabetic (child or adult), but what truly 
breaks my heart is knowing that there are likely many other adult diabetics 
today whose self-care was adversely impacted by equally clueless "educators". 
Being made to feel shame or embarrassment as a child can have life-long 
   Bravo to you for a) SURVIVING what could have been a lethal scenario and 
b) for "risking" sharing this personal memory with the IPers after feeling 
you'd been "attacked" for your emotional letter and c) for being mature 
enough to "let it go" & stick around & realize that in even the best of 
"families", there will be disagreements......I've learned (another "life 
lesson") that personal growth comes not from  lack of dissension, but from 
working through conflicting opinions that expose our vulnerabilities and 
reaching a new understanding. 
Regards, Renee (melissa's pump mom)
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