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RE: [IP] "discrimination" at school. Not about pumping

Sylvia [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> Jim,
>   This foes beyond the Am. Diabetes Assoc....this is in 
> direct violation of 
> the Am. Disabilities Act as well.  Does Texas think they are 
> above such a 
> law?  What gives them the right to say that those laws are 
> not there for 
> them??  That is why I am SOOO steamed by this and the fact 
> that this has been 
> allowed to happen in the first place.  Jim,  Am I wrong about 
> the other 
> ADA???????

I assume that I'm the Jim you are writing to.

I agree with you in everything you say here.  I believe I said that there
has been a mistake that should be rectified.  I think it probably *does*
violate the Americans with Disabilities Act, although that may be a new
issue as the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case in which it may further
define disabilities.  With this Supreme Court, I'm not hopeful.

My comment was not that Mr. Hoff and the other's at Klein Oak High School
should not receive letters and other communications.  It was that
intemperate language and recrimination would not be helpful.  Letters such
as these are likely, in the very least, to be discarded without much
thought, and could, if there are enough of them, be turned against those who
write the letters as harassment.  Being polite, respectful, and factual, not
emotional, has a far better chance of being heard and bringing about a

I brought in the American Diabetes Association because they have an interest
in this very issue, and would be a good resource for suggestions, facts,
precedents, etc. to take to that particular school.  You can look for
yourself at http://www.diabetes.org/advocacy/discrimination_and_school.asp.

Finally, my plea was to remember that Mr. Hoff and his colleagues are
probably good people, trying to do a good work.  It is far more likely that
they are misinformed than they are malicious, or stupid, or anything else.
That's what I meant by not demonizing them.  Treat them as if they were your
next door neighbors and *educate* them, but don't put them down.  There's a
much better chance of a good outcome if we treat them with respect.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted OR
email @ redacted

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