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[IP] Why the School Letter Angered Me So..Personal Experience!

as for what happened to me in school....i don't usually talk about this, but 
i'll tell you.  
i was in grammar school and had only had diabetes for about two years, maybe 
even less.  i was allowed to keep an extra meter in my main classroom as well 
as my glucose tabs and all the teachers knew about it.
one day we had a substitute teacher and i felt like i was going low.  i 
raised my hand because i felt like if i walked i would pass out.  the teacher 
came over and asked me what was wrong, and i told her i needed to use my 
machine.  those were my words.  it was really close to lunchtime.... anyway, 
she kept saying what machine are you talking about like i was crazy.  none of 
the kids in the classroom knew about what i had to do because i was ashamed 
of my diabetes so never educated anyone.  only my good friends knew, but 
unfortunately none of them were in my home class... 
anyway, i guess i started to get kind of hostile or however we get when we 
are low and i must have looked out of it.  she told me if i didn't stop 
disturbing the class that she was going to hold me after into the lunch 
period.  i started hyperventilating because i new i was in severe trouble 
with my sugar and dropping fast.  i don't know if i started crying or yelling 
at her or what since i was totally out of it, but i remember seeing all the 
kids walking out of the classroom and looking back... some were scared for me 
as i was a pretty popular kid in school, but then there were those boys who 
as kids thought this was funny.  
anyway, she left me in the room and told me to wait there, that she was going 
to get HER lunch.  i don't know if i told her i was diabetic before this or 
what, but from what i found out, she knew.  i'll get back to that.
as she was gone, i guess i decided to try to escape out of there and try to 
get to my glucose tabs and machine but had no clue where i was or 
whatever..... i wandered into the hallway and somehow made it to the stairs 
where i guess i fell down and went down a whole flight of stairs.  at the 
same time, i started to seize and was having a seizure as i was going down 
about 25 stairs.  i don't know how long i lay at the bottom of the stairs, 
but i do know i busted my head open and was in a coma for 4 days! my mother 
was told i would have brain damage or some type of learning disability after 
this as my sugar was 21 when i was found.  at the age of 10, that's pretty 
i will NEVER EVER forget that feeling of being low and literally begging for 
my machine and tabs and having someone look at me like i was insane!  
needless to say, she lost her job and the school was sued for my medical 
bills.  twenty years later, i can still feel that feeling i had when i saw 
all the kids walking out and i clearly remember thinking to myself "i am 
going to die" and being soooooo very scared!
this is why i had such a hostile and strong reaction to the situation with 
Ryan!  I'm sorry if I offended anyone!
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