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Re: [IP] Ryan - and concerns....

email @ redacted wrote:
>  geez.... of
> course, being TYPE 1 and not TYPE 2, things are a little different for us....
> and some things we do are things that TYPE 2's could NEVER understand!!

Gina, please give the rest of the human race a little credit for not
being entirely stupid. There is NOTHING that someone else could NEVER
understand. Experience, no, but understand, yes. 

I have never experienced an unconscious low (I was still functional at
36!), but believe me, I can understand how frightening that must be. And
how embarrassing when you find out what ridiculous things you did and
said when you were low. 

I've never been in DKA, either, and hope I never will, but I can
understand the utter fear that it must entail, especially for parents. 

I can understand the fear of sending your child to school or camp or to
a sleepover, because you know that things can go seriously wrong. 

I can understand what it's like to be a teenager with a chronic
disability or disease. I can understand the desire to fit in, and the
frustration of having to confront unsympathetic, ignorant adults. A LOT
of us had to do things like that when we were teenagers, and not just
because of diabetes!

And that being said, I also understand the impulse to hyperbole -- been
there done that and I can't guarantee I won't do it again. Another one
of those open mouth, stick foot in type responses. 

So you're human, and you're forgiven.
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