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[IP] twinkie

wombn wrote
> hm....  one twinkie is...  geez.  How many carbs??  I haven't had a 
> twinkie in about 20 years.  

neither have i actually, but I used the example of twinkie cuz if you want to 
imagine the ultimate in decadent behavior, (WHICH SADLY, thanks to Newsweek 
and other media "support," is how many people  perceive "diabetics"  - as 
sugar chowing lazy burdens), it is someone so bad off they'd resort to eating 
Twinkies...heh heh

Personally my hostess debauchery of choice lately is Zingers, and they are on 
sale these days in NYC for some un known reason..i stopped eating them when 
they hit $1 but now you can get them for 79 cents.  when i figure out the 
proper bolus, i;ll let ya know...till then i will keep experimenting...and 
keep me postedon the KK with raspberry filling

Sara SP
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