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Re: [IP] yes write and a clarification

On 25 Apr 2001, at 22:29, email @ redacted wrote:

> HOWEVER, just for the record, there is NO indication in my PUL LEASE post 
> that it was directed at any ONE individual.  To assume that it is is awfully 
> ego-centric and just plain wrong.  As I read the Ryan posts, i sensed the 
> increasing anger, passion, and concern in everyone,  and when emotions run 

you're right.  I don't know if "everyone" was, but I certainly got more 
and more pissed towards the end of my own letter.  As evidence by 
some extra caps and multiple queston marks.  :-)  I tried to tone it 
down a bit, believe it or not.  :-)  But decided to let some of it leak 
through anyway.  Hoping, that since it was at the end that it 
wouldn't wipe out the beginning part.  knowwhatImean?

> that high...there is almost always a knee jerk reaction which i was hoping to 
> advert.  We, as a group, not just IPers, but diabetes advocates, have to 
> watch what we do and how we present it to the "others"  We dont want to 
> appear as those looney diabetics who sit around on their fat butts all day 
> playing nintendo and eating twinkies (vbg>
hm....  one twinkie is...  geez.  How many carbs??  I haven't had a 
twinkie in about 20 years.  If I recall correctly, that last one didn't 
inspire me to eat another.  I can think of much better and much 
more satisfying no-no foods!  Like a Krispy Kreme raspberry filled 
donut, for example.   :-)
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