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Re: [IP] Mom's reactions to my pregnancy

Oh Sherry, you have brought back such memories.  I was diagnosed in 1967, and 
as an earlier poster has already indicated glucose meters were not in the 
homes, A1c's were unheard of, 2 injections a day was the rule, with frequent 
urine testing for sugar.  Baby, have we come a long way!  I also was never 
told I should not have children, but one day I heard my Mom telling another 
person, that I didn't like children.  LOL, news to me. I had always been 
advised (by Internal Medicine Physicians, and a few OBGYN's) to not get 
pregnant, just due to my having diabetes (no complications).  My husband and 
I went the adoption route with no success. I finally got under the care of an 
excellent endo and supporting team.  They changed my life forever.  I started 
pumping in 1996, obtained the recommended prepregnancy bs levels and A1c's.  
I lost 40lbs, and was pregnant within 30 days of having the go ahead.  I had 
a great pregnancy and delivered (by  planned c-section) a healthy, happy, 
baby boy.  Seth weighed in at 7lbs, 5ozs and was 21 3/4 inches long.  I 
didn't tell  my Mom until I was in my fourth month.  She was terrified but 
supportive, and is very proud of her grandson.  Hang in there, you don't have 
much longer to go.  Technology is so much more advanced than what it was 
years ago.  My Mom actually said to me a couple of years ago, that she 
doesn't know how to take care of me anymore as things have changed so much!  
That's progress, and she is still letting go of some information she picked 
up in the early years.  Your Mom will too as you are showing her the way, and 
as far as your sil is concerned, like Jan said, the jealousy is her problem.  
 Let us know when your little one arrives.  Best of luck.
Marla Anne, dx 4/67, pumping 1996
Mom to Seth, 3 years old, dx 11/99
Wife to David, all around great guy!   

In a message dated 4/23/01 12:22:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
> Am I supposed to feel guilty now for making my mom worry so much over this
> "against advice pregnancy"?  How was I supposed to know she'd been laboring
> under this idea all these years?  How many people has she told that I 
> couldn't
> have children??  How come no one ever told me???
> Sherry C
> From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
> Who, at 35 weeks pregnant, apparently wasn't supposed to have children?!?!?!
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