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[IP] yes write and a clarification

wombn asks
>But I  wanted to ask if you thought writing to them at all 
> (even with nice letters) is the wrong tactic too.   ?

HECK no - write em - that is the best way to do it!!.  but pardon the 
inappropriate analogy, you get more flies with sugar than salt....something I 
know I am not always capable of, as many old timers here will remember....

HOWEVER, just for the record, there is NO indication in my PUL LEASE post 
that it was directed at any ONE individual.  To assume that it is is awfully 
ego-centric and just plain wrong.  As I read the Ryan posts, i sensed the 
increasing anger, passion, and concern in everyone,  and when emotions run 
that high...there is almost always a knee jerk reaction which i was hoping to 
advert.  We, as a group, not just IPers, but diabetes advocates, have to 
watch what we do and how we present it to the "others"  We dont want to 
appear as those looney diabetics who sit around on their fat butts all day 
playing nintendo and eating twinkies (vbg>

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