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Re: [IP] Adjusting

> last Wed was over 240 the entire day. Didn't matter what I did. Finally
> changed the site and took Humalog by injection, but I don't think I've
> been over 240 all day. It sucked. Have had a bunch of lows also.
> Does it take a while to get those stable BGs? I was under the impression
> that I'd go on this thing and my numbers would be terrific every time I
> tested. That hasn't happened. I'm frustrated and I think trying to control
> something that won't be controlled is really getting to me.
Yes it does take a while to get things under control, I've been pumping with
my Animas pump since Jan 10 and still have wierd days(highs, lows etc)  I've
taken it upon myself to tweek my basal rates and just let my CDE know when
I'm finished and have numbers working, and she is comfortable with that,
probably because she knows if I error it will be on the side of caution as
I had some severe  lows before the pump.  Things will come into place for
you I'm sure, you just need to give it some more time, as these things
aren't an exact science.  Some of the tweeking has to be trial and error.
As everyone here says "your milage may very" and it takes some people longer
then others to things right.  Hang in there I'm sure you'll be glad you did.

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