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: [IP]The future of pumping...

From: Christopher James Sullivan <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP]The future of pumping...

Hello All,

Does anyone wonder why all three Pump companies are approaching the future
of pumping so differently? Mini-Med wants to implant a pump, Animas wants
to implant a glucose sensor and  Disatronic wants to place a catheter into
the portal vein. I realize that the three companies are in the business of
making money, but why the difference in approaches. For some reason this
perplexes me. I can answer my own question by saying that there are
different methods for different people, much like different pumps for
different people. Which method would you use?

Have a great day,

Chris - Pumping since 2/01, 1st post pump A1c of 6.8, down from 8.5
- ----------------------------------------------------------
The future of pumping is not this sensor or how it is implanted. the future is
the detecton of ica antibodies and anti GAD-65 Antibodies, the control of T
killer cells and inhibition of nitric oxide indced aptosis. detection of viral
antigens and HLA antigen remodeling.So nobody ever gets this awful lousy and
nasty disease and its associated lousy diseases. spot
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