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[IP] Copy of my letter to the school concering Ryan

Dear Mr. Hoff

I am writing on behalf of all the children in the world who are diabetic
and have to has assess to their supplies hands on in order to be able to
save their lives , even when no one else will help them.

I am dismayed by hearing about young  Ryan Wellhoefer is suspected from
school and could even lose graduating cum laude because he still had his
insulin pen with him. I have a daughter 11 who has been a severe
diabetic since age 2 and she always carries all her supplies to school
and on her at all times. She is fully responsible for these and the
school allows her to do whatever she needs to stay healthy. She can take
insulin and eat whenever the need. She can be excused from gym or
classes to call home if she feels unwell or not sure her blood sugars
are safe for what she is doing. They allow it all and she does it well.

I cannot believe in this present day and age that you would have this
youth suffer for such foolishness.Yes, you have to have controls to keep
the school safe and organized. Yes you have to be aware at all times of
potential problems.But Ryan's life depends on him having assess at any
time for insulin or food. He should never be sent out alone for help if
he is low as then he could go into seizures and die while alone.
Diabetes is serious and something we all need to learn more about. And
we need to educate not only the diabetic but the whole community if we
want these people to be as healthy as possible.

I am praying that you will highly reconsider what has happened and try
to treat this young man fairly and with kindness. He is not a drug
addict trying to hurt anyone.He is a student trying to make a future for
himself and to be as healthy as he possibly can be. I pray neither you
or any of your loved ones ever become type 1 diabetes because your life
will change forever. It is not a death sentence anymore with proper
education and proper care. I beg you to please stop the  hearing or else
use it to educate others on the seriousness of living with diabetes. It
is simply unfair and in violation of his human rights. I will be praying
for you and your committee as you face this and deal fairly with it all.

Thank you for reading this

Jana Church a mom and willing partner in teaching the world to be a
nicer place.
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