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No Subject

On 24 Apr 2001, at 9:20, email @ redacted wrote:

> that's the whole issue with those high-fat, high-protein diet diet that
> everyone is having heart attacks from.......well, not everyone is but IMO i
> dont think it's true that you wont gain... i have actually seen a few very
> very obese people go on the Atkins diet with success, but who knows what
> their heart is looking like right now!
> i wouldnt chance it...
> just my opinion!

My mother's own doctor put her on the Atkins diet.  She's lost a lot
of weight, has never been hungry, and has been taken OFF her
blood pressure medication.

Both of her parents ate a high fat diet all their lives and lived well
into their 90's.

My dad, otoh, was put on a Pritikin diet back in the late 70's (after
a heart attack) and has since had 3 bypass surgeries.  I don't think
Pritikin (super low fat) has helped him all that much.

I'm taking a different path than my dad did-- I'm doing lower carb.  I
don't want 3 bypass surgeries.  My lipid profile (HDL, LDL,
triglycerides) improved by 11% in 5 months on extreme low carb.

It may still be the wrong path--only time will tell, but at least it's not
the path he took.
vindication by death. When doc pritikin died hs coronary arteries were clean
so were 150 miles of arteries surveyed except for some fatty sreaking and
small plaques,  I know my coronary arteries look like a racetrack after the
nags ran thru em. awful and i got a stent to keep one proped open. i think we
arebeing killed by nsulin. it floats fats, increases fat depsittion and put
glycogen in our liver but left to run around our own bods it is an awful
hormone. i have been eating a bowel of romaine lettce with some hard cheese
grated on it and spices. my boss has lupus and type2 and always gives me
advice. i tell her diabetes is diabetes but we have different glucose
tolerances, shut up! spot whose brain is probsbly worse than his heart but so
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