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[IP] re: adjusting

Hi Michelle,

Gee, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were describing me, about
a month ago. I was very discouraged too and nothing I did seemed to work.
I've only been pumping for 2 months  and am just getting a better handle
on it now.... but nothing perfect. So hang in there and give yourself
LOTS of credit for what your doing -regardless if the numbers aren't
right yet.

And give yourself permission to relax a bit. In the beginning, I was
trying so hard to get good numbers, that it was turning into an
obsession with me and I forgot to enjoy the darn thing, for what it's
meant to be... a BIG convenience in our lives :-)

I guess some people are lucky and acclimatize quickly. I know I didn't,
but am enjoying the pump more and more all the time!

Off topic a bit:  I've just been diagnosed with Addisons Disease
(adrenal deficiency) and that's now taken over much of my time... but
ONLY because I feel relaxed enough with the pump to be able to turn my
attention to other details. I think that's when it home for me, that
it's the best tool in my toolbox :-)

Sue from Ottawa
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